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3 Gadgets That Can Take Your Running to the Next Level

Some people enjoy running for the high of exercise, while others are focused on pushing past their comfort zones and beating their best times. While you’re running, you can take advantage of technology to analyse every last detail in order to improve your performance. Tech-based gadgets don’t just keep stats, however. They also make for one very smooth running experience. 

Technology has a role to play in all areas of our lives in 2019, from the best platform to watch TV and movies (Netflix) to the biggest website to play slots (videoslots.com). That goes for running, too. And while old school running can still help to keep you fit, it would be a waste not to take advantage of all the progressive gear and technology available to help you to light a path during a night jog, customise a playlist, and perfect your stride. Since there seems to be an endless amount of gadgets available for running, however, we’ve given you a helping hand by highlighting a selection of the best. 


Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Headphones


There’s been a significant improvement in wireless earbud technology within the last few years. It’s now expected that high-quality models connect to each other via bluetooth, as well as to your smartphone, which means that your neck doesn’t have to carry a strap wrapped around it. If that level of flexibility and comfort appeals to you, these headphones are among the best available. Features include a companion app that provides coaching cues, an external mic that allows you to enjoy ambient noise, three hours battery life, in-ear heart-rate monitoring, and high-audio quality. 


Solos Smart Glasses


While Google Glass failed to live up to expectations, and the Solos Smart Glasses bears a similar resemblance, it ranks supreme in sheer simplicity. These glasses adhere simply to what’s needed on a run: simplicity, efficiency, and comprehensiveness. The 24/7-updating and customisable data in the corner of your vision shows such numbers as heart rate, pace, and distance. The glasses are also capable of providing you with turn-by-turn directions to follow a given route. Included in the setup are speakers and a mic, and sun protection. If you get easily annoyed at continually tracking your stats on your watch, this glasses are the ideal solution.


Peloton Tread


Peloton received a lot of press a few years back after it released its first stationary bike, which revolutionised the marketplace, thanks to its focus on enabling those at home to experience a spin class via live-streamed studios classes. The company’s first treadmill similarly emphasises studio classes, with a huge HD touchscreen displaying floor, walking, running, and total body workouts, with a mat, to boot. While there are numerous treadmills on the market, this model features a sleek design with innovative wheels positioned close to where your hand swings, allowing you to easily control the incline and speed.


Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor


If you’d like to take analysis of your fitness data more seriously, you’d need a quality heart rate monitor. And the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor is the best option out there. Polar claims that this model is its most accurate to date. You wrap the monitor around your chest via its flexible strap, and can save an entire workout’s worth of date until you sync it or feed the data to a connected smartphone in real-time. Polar further provides a bonus feature, thanks to its collaboration with GoPro. The H10 can be synced with a Hero 5 camera to overlay your heart rate numbers on recorded video.


This dependable, lightweight trainer features a sensor that is the only tracking device you need. Once you put on the shoes and start running, it automatically starts to track you. The sensor also tracks the entire lifetime of your shoe, which the battery in the sensor is sure to outlast.

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