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5 Reasons to Take up Running Post Bariatric Surgery

If you’re recovering after having bariatric surgery, it’s worth noting that you should change your lifestyle. This is the only way in which you can preserve your weight loss goals. And this refers to updating your dietary habits and taking up a form of exercising. In this view, running is a pleasurable type of exercise, which is appealing to most people. In fact, as soon as your wounds are completely healed, you could slowly incorporate running in your daily routine, and you’ll experience unmatched benefits.

If you’re still undecided, the following reasons will definitely motivate you.

  1. Diminished Stress Levels

Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone copes with stress – of a lower or higher degree. And the good thing is that running minimizes stress, allowing you to get your mind off of the things that trouble you. At the same time, running improves the quality of the sleep, which is another decisive element when it comes to your health condition.

  1. Enhanced Metabolism

If you want to ensure that your metabolism works accordingly, running might help you out in this respect, as well. That is because this form of exercises allows you increase the fat your body burns, as it also engages your core. Nevertheless, take into account that the amount of fat your body burns will depend on your body.

Also, bariatric surgery alters the way in which your digestive system works. In this way, it will take in fewer calories. You should also take into account that running entails your legs, core, and arm muscles – all these work together in order to increase your muscular tone. This imminently results into an enhanced metabolism.

  1. Better Cardiovascular Activity

Did you know that, when you run, this impacts your cardiovascular activity, as well? That is to say, the arteries enlarge and contract three times faster than they do when your body rests. Therefore, due to the enhanced activity of the arteries, your body will produce High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol – which is the good cholesterol. Also, this ensures that your arteries preserve their elasticity, leading to lower blood pressure and diminished plaque formation.

  1. Higher Release of Endorphins

Another reason why exercising is so good for you is that, while you run, the body releases endorphins. RenewBariatrics.com outlines the importance of this aspect, as well as most prominent experts in this domain. So, when your body releases endorphins, you feel infinitely happier, not to mention that you experience a higher degree of energy. Hence, running is a way of being in a good mood all the time!

  1. Better Focus

Running channels your focus, because it entails every muscle in the body. Every part of the body – namely your legs, arms, torso, coordinate as you run. And this requires focusing on your movement, and on your breathing. Therefore, we could argue that running is a safe way of becoming better focused on your goals and targets.

To conclude, recovering after surgery can be challenging. But by implementing the right habits into your new lifestyle you can preserve your long-term health. And exercising on a regular basis is a key aspect that will help you accomplish this.

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