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7 cardio tips to burn more fat

If you are someone who is interested in burning fat and losing weight, then one of the best ways to do this is by engaging yourself in cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is a superb workout method which not only helps to burn calories but also keeps one fit and in shape. From walking to running and from treadmills to elliptical, there are many ways to be involved in cardio. But there are some ways to improve these workout methods and maximize the effect of the workouts. The following are the 7 best cardio tips to burn more fat.

  1. Run hungry

If you can manage to run early morning before the first meal of the day then the body will use the fat as the energy source and this will lead to burning of it. This happens because without food in your system, the body glycogen stores tend to get depleted.

  1. Try treadmills

If you cannot head outdoors for a run or a walk, you can try to do so by running or jogging on a treadmill. A treadmill is an easy to use and versatile cardio machine which can be inclined at different angles to result in effective burning of fat. Log on to http://treadmill-ratings-reviews.com/ to know more.

  1. Do high intensity cycling

Rather than going slow and picking up gradually, make sure you do high intensity cardio either through cycling or by using stationary bikes. The ideal way to do so is by starting at a high intensity level and then slowly tapering off to a slow finish. This helps to burn much more fat.

  1. Use interval training

Another superb tip to burn more fat through cardio is to try to do interval workout or training. In this method, a person engages in high intensity workout for a few seconds and then takes a break for the next few seconds before going high intensity again. The alternate periods of high and low intensity workout proves to be very beneficial for burning calories fast and is a technique followed by many fitness enthusiasts.

  1. Use reverse elliptical

Elliptical trainers are superb cardio machines but most of us do not utilize them completely. In order to burn more fat on these machines, you must also use the arm handles and use the machine in reverse mode as well. This way, you can perform an upper body workout as well as a lower body workout simultaneously. For more on the same, visit https://fitness-equipment-source.com/.

  1. Include several cardio sessions a week

Doing a cardio session of 30-60 minutes just once a week won’t really help you burn calories and fat. To see results, you must atleast do 4-6 such sessions a week. You need to burn more calories than you consume and anything less than this workout time won’t help.

  1. Perform a post cardio workout

The resting metabolic rate after performing cardio is elevated for about 60 minutes to 12 hours and hence it is best to perform a workout even after cardio for the best results.

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