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8 Ways to Keep Fit Outside the Gym This Winter

When winter arrives, many people like to stay inside to avoid the cold weather. This weather is known to cause seasonal depression and it often makes exercise sound unappealing. Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep in shape – even if you don’t have a gym membership.

1 – Ice Skating

Visit the local ice skating rink for recreation and fresh air. This is a fun winter activity and it is a great way to get your heart beat up.

2 – Stairs

When the stairs get icy and wet outside, try running up and down the ones in your house. With this activity, you will be able to get your daily dose of cardio in without leaving the house.

3 – Sports

Join a sports team during the wintertime so you can stay physically fit. Many local organizations or church groups often have indoor sports like ice hockey or basketball you can participate in. This is a fun opportunity to meet new people and escape the winter cold at the same time.

4 – Walk

Find an indoor walking spot so you can stretch your legs during the day. Many people prefer the mall.

5 – Workout Videos

Bring your favorite workout to your own living room without a home video. Pilates, yoga, and weight training are just a few activities available via home movie.

6 – Dance

Turn on your favorite dance songs and move around in the house. You can do this in the morning or at night to distress and burn some extra calories.

7 – Snow Sprints

The next time it snows, head outside for some sprints. Sprinting in snow is a great way to build muscle in your legs and it is a fun change from traditional exercises.

8 – Jog in Place

When you are watching TV, try jogging in place. You can even rest during commercials. Before you know it you will have completed your daily exercise.

Staying physically fit during the winter does not have to be challenging. Try one of these activities today so you can maintain your shape.

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