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RunIQ is a new app that helps you tailor your runs from data you provide from previous runs which are already stored on your GPS watch.

Every time you go for a run, you get feedback from your phone or wearable. Your devices can tell you how many miles you ran, how many calories you burned. But they can’t put that information into a format that makes sense, that’s easy to use when reaching new goals.

Every training session is different. Even if you run three miles every day at the exact same pace, if one run is on an incline and the other isn’t, the two runs are totally different. If you’re slogging through snow versus comfortably on even concrete, it affects your intensity.

That’s why RunIQ was developed. It puts all of your workouts on the same level playing field for easier comparison, analysis, and goal setting. It’s the only app that can take all the data your phone or wearable is already collecting, factor in other important variables like elevation data, and generate one number for your workout intensity.

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