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A dress shoe built like a running shoe?

Maratown claims to have created the “world’s most comfortable” dress shoes.   Their campaign has been launched on Kickstarter featuring a dress shoe created like a running shoe with comfortable and soft EVA midsole with a Vibram outer sole and soft leather upper.  Get in now and you can buy them at 50% off the regular price.

Not sure on the drop or elevated heel, but they have to be better than most men’s dress shoes out there now!!




Maratown, the world’s most comfortable dress shoes, today launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Tailored for men and women, Maratown shoes are for anyone who seeks comfort in a dress shoe while maintaining style.
Maratown has combined comfort with fashion creating versatility in dress shoes, allowing for a shoe to be both comfortable and dressy. Until now, this comfort element has been extremely difficult to find in stylish formal footwear.
Maratown features a running shoe sole camouflaged in a fashionable dress shoe. The sole is twice as soft as existing dress shoes, and thicker, allowing for more cushioning; plus a Vibram® outsole is added for high wear durability.
“Before Maratown shoes have either been comfortable but clunky, or stylish but uncomfortable,” said Maratown founder, Fabien Rosier. “That is why we have designed shoes that offer both style and comfort.”
Maratown has successfully merged these two key features, solving the problem. Rosier was inspired to create the shoe while working in Paris and shopping for dress shoes.
“I looked for dress shoes that were as comfortable as my running shoes and I couldn’t find any, so I decided to create a solution,” added Rosier.
Maratown shoes are made for the working man or woman who are on their feet all day, people who walk to work, and for the fast paced urban lifestyle. Maratown shoes make comfort possible in a dress shoe without compromising style.
With 9 styles to choose from, Maratown offers an impressive range of styles. Offering women’s wedges and boots, keeping it classic in white or black, and men’s two derbies with black sole or bicolor, a derby brogue with a bicolor sole, and boots in black or brown.
This summer in Manhattan, New-Yorkers tested the shoes during lunch breaks. The overwhelming consensus was: they were impressed and surprised that high fashion stylish shoes could paired with such comfort.
“They are very light, very comfortable, very serviceable; the inner soles are very soft with lots of cushion, and I think for anyone who’s on their feet all day, they are ideal,” said one New York City tester.
Early bird prices for Maratown shoes start at $99, a 50% savings, on Kickstarter. The campaign starts today and will run until November 30th, 2015.
For more information on Maratown shoes, visit: maratown.com
About Maratown
Maratown shoes are made with soft leather uppers to avoid pain during flexion and a padded collar to avoid irritation. The main component of Maratown is in the sole, with a running shoe sole camouflaged in a fashion friendly dress shoe. The technology is based on a thick, high, multi-density EVA sole, a material used in the best running shoes.
Maratown was born to assemble a sport sole with a dressy style to make the world’s best cushioned dress shoes. While other brands compromise style for comfort, Maratown has successfully combined the two, creating a line of shoes that merges comfort and classic fashion styles, making a dress shoe as comfortable as your sport shoes.

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