If you are experiencing signal issues this could be a few different things. Below are some quick notes before freaking out…

While the range of Bluetooth is 10 meters (33 feet), the optimal range FOR ANY BRAND OF BLUETOOTH STEREO DEVICE is 2 feet from the music device, especially outdoors when the connection cannot bounce off things. THIS RULE APPLIES TO ANY BRAND ACROSS THE BOARD. The ACTIVE X bluetooth antenna is located in the right side so make sure your device is above your elbow and on your right side for optimal connectivity to your headset while streaming music outdoors. This will help remedy any signal interruptions.

Water and sweat can interfere with Bluetooth signals as well. Make sure that there is no sweat in direct contact with the Bluetooth Adapter or the cellular/audio device. Make sure the adapter is not in direct contact with skin when exercising and that it is on the outside of any clothing (e.g. if using the iPod or armband, use it over the top of your clothing)

REVERB recommends armbands for your music device to keep the device within optimal range and separated from your skin during workouts. Positioning your hand on the wrong spot of the iPhone or other cellular phones may cause signal drop outs/reception issues. Sweat and moisture in this area, may also cause the signal to be blocked. The issue may be the phone, rather than the headphones.