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Choosing Running Shoes: Should Comfort Be Your Guide? Goodbye Pronation Control

We are finally seeing more literature published demonstrating that relying on pronation control is not a science and, in fact, really never was.  A July 29th article published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine titled Running shoes and running injuries: mythbusting and a proposal for two new paradigms: ‘preferred movement path’ and ‘comfort filter’ demonstrates how it’s more important for a shoe to feel comfortable as opposed to picking one based on foot type as the previous outdated paradigms had suggested.  Obviously this can’t correct your form, but it’s a start as not focusing on pronation control.

New paradigms exist for selecting a shoe based on comfort and suggest that a runner intuitively selects a comfortable product using their own comfort filter that allows them to remain in the preferred movement path. This may automatically reduce the injury risk and may explain why there does not seem to be a secular trend in running injury rates.

Source: Choosing Shoes: Should Comfort Be Your Guide? | Runner’s World

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