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Excerpt from my running journal

It’s an awesome feeling to be back marathoning after a few years off!! In order to help runners with their training, and share with others how I train, I’m logging all of my runs in journal format. It’s my hope that other runners can learn from my training principals. I feel it’s more beneficial to understand training yourself, then to follow a black and white printed schedule of how long you should be running.

Below is an entry of the many days I’m logging.

8 mile easy run following an 18 mile run

Its great following a long run with a good distance run. It feels good to loosen up your legs and it also gives you confidence that you have the strength to run 8 miles after a long 18. Basically you did the distance (26.2) miles over two days. Yes, you had time to recover from the 18 miler, but its still 26 miles. From a physiologic standpoint, your body will become stronger from and endurance standpoint by breaking up two long runs this way then by cramming into one. By doing one “longer” run that your body isn’t ready for, all you will end up doing is creating damage to muscle that takes longer to repair (5-7days) which will make your subsequent runs useless, or more importantly damaging. So in the end, if you have logged some long weekly miles, its more beneficial to do say a 16 and a 10 then one long 20. Your long runs should never be 40-50% of your total weekly mileage.

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