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How To Fuel For A Morning Run. Is it really necessary?

Do you really need to get up an hour early to eat and drink before your run? Or, do you even need to eat before you head out the door at 6am for a 6 mile run?

My belief is no. Well, I guess it all depends on your circadian patterns and your habits of when you run and when you eat. I personally can wake up in the morning and run 10 miles with nothing to eat or drink before I head out the door.  If I attempt this same run at 8pm at night, it won’t work so well! Why? Because my body has adapted to  the times I eat and a rhythm of insulin release develops making “energy” available when it’s typically used.

Here’s a great post from Runners Connect discussing running and eating patterns.

Everyone is different, but there are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind.

Source: How To Fuel For A Morning Run – Competitor.com

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