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How to increase your endurance and speed for a marathon.

Here’s a good review of how to vary your runs to improve your endurance and in turn your speed as well. Many think that to improve your marathon times you need to train faster during your training runs. While this is true, the important concept that many fail to realize is that it’s the speed they need to gain, it’s the endurance. For example, if you can run a 9:00 minute mile now but want to maintain that for a marathon, your endurance needs to improve to maintain that for 25.2 more miles. Not your speed. Read the following post that Runner’s World just placed online.

Tempo Runs Increase Speed and Endurance

Incorporate running paces between easy and hard into your weekly routine.

You know what it feels like to run comfortably–comfortable!–and you’re likely also familiar with the burn of going all-out. But what about the range of paces that lie in between these two extremes?