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How to lose weight? Move more often. Everyday. 

Are we eating too much, eating the wrong foods, or not moving enough in today’s society? The answer is probably all three, but here’s something to consider. Our ancestors did not sit at a desk, did not drive long distances to work, and probably did not eat the volume of food that we typically eat today. Her’s an example I recently gave to someone who blamed their age on the reason they are not getting better. Consider that up to about age 18, most of us were probably involved in some sort of athletic activity, and if not, we probably were outside playing or riding a bike etc. After the age of 18, those activities probably lessened, and eventually became obsolete once our jobs, marriage, and kids took over. As a result, the body gets less activity and becomes weaker or deconditioned. Remember, according o Wolff’s law and Davis’s law, our bodies get stronger in response to the more stress placed upon it. Once we remove these stresses, we become weaker and more susceptible to injury. So, it’s more likely that our society and decreased movement is leading to increased rates of injuries and even more weigh gain.


We live in a culture obsessed with food. It’s everywhere. Buildings formerly known as “gas stations” now tantalize customers with racks of junk food. On the same block, you can order stay-seated-on-your-tush fast food from your car. In every direction, you’ll encounter Big Gulps, super sizes, and Extra Value Meals—more for less. But always more.

Source: A Weight-Loss Manifesto | Runner’s World

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