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How to Prevent Common Running Injuries | Runner’s World

Very rarely are shoes the cause of a running injury. They can however, influence the way you run and indirectly lead to running injuries.  I usually do not even have to look at someone’s shoes when they come to my office to diagnose their injury.  Training patterns tend to be the number one cause of injury when it comes to running. This article addresses some strengthening exercises which are helpful.

It’s an all too common scenario: Runner begins training program. A month or so later, a twinge settles on a knee. Runner stretches, pops ibuprofen, keeps running. A few—or maybe 100—runs later, runner is on the couch, ice pack on knee. What are the chances? The answer isn’t exactly clear: A review of studies suggests that as few as 19 percent or as many as 79 percent of runners are sidelined each year. Many multiple times. Some—ouch—never run again.

Source: How to Prevent Common Running Injuries | Runner’s World

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