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How to Start Running After 50 in 5 Easy Steps

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Far too many people over 50 are told that they are “too old” or “too frail” to begin jogging or running regularly. However, this type of advice is misinformed at best, and can be downright dangerous. Anyone who is wanting to improve their health and physical performance should be encouraged to do so.

Yes, those over 50 may need to take care with how much they work out, but with the right approach, there is no reason why you cannot go jogging multiple times a week with no repercussions.

Your Ability Has Not Disappeared

So many people simply need reminding that their previous athletic performance has not disappeared. Yes, you have been sedentary for a few years, and you are not going to shatter any speed records. But you are still the same person. Your body can still run like it did ten years ago – you just need to get it back in shape.


Figure out the area where you will run. Some prefer running outdoors, while others may seek out a track at their neighborhood gym. Both options are great. Figure out your running schedule, and the clothes you will wear while exercising. Good preparation means that when the time comes, you will be ready to start running!

Strength and Flexibility

Many people over 50 think they can just get up one day and start running like they did 20 years ago. Sure, you can eventually get back to that level of performance, but it will take time. If you wish to start running from today, begin things slowly. Jog for a minute, and then walk for 30 seconds. Repeat the process until you begin to get tired, out of breath or your muscles hurt. Do not overdo it in the first few days, as you could injure yourself.

Aside from starting slowly, you will also want to work on your strength and flexibility. An extensive stretching warmup before running helps a lot, while one or two light weight training sessions during the week will help the strength of your muscles in a big way.

Long-Term Injuries

If you suffer from a long-term injury, you may need some assistance before you can begin running. Talking with an expert like Dr. Nakul Karkare about complex revision hip replacement or some other procedure may seem daunting, but it is a first step towards recovery. They will recommend the best course of treatment, and they will help you get back to a level where you can comfortably run most days without the risk of long-term damage to your body.

Overcome Aging

In many ways, starting to run after 50 is about overcoming and halting the signs of aging. Whether you are worried about lower blood volume, aerobic capacity or lost muscle fibers, running is a great way to get back in shape. While you may never feel as good as you did at 25, you can certainly feel 10 years younger than you are through running, a bit of weight training and a good diet!

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