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How To Treat And Beat Plantar Fasciitis – Competitor.com

This continues to be a epidemic in our society.  I like to make the statement to my patients that if everyone stopped wearing shoes, I’d be out of a job!  Well, kind of.  The majority of foot issues I see are in some way or another related to the shoes our society wears.  This article touches on some treatment for plantar fasciitis, but in no way gives the answers.  Bottom line is it’s an overuse condition of the foot where the muscles that originate on the heel bone become tire and sore.   You do need to rest it, but you also need to strengthen the foot and break some bad habits which could be the way you walk or the shoes you wear.  That’s typically the real challenge in fixing plantar fasciitis or stopping it from returning.

Have questions?  Post them below. I’d love to start a conversation on this and help redirect the thinking of how many people are treating this.

Dr. Nick

Read more about strengthening the foot to treat plantar fasciitis.



Kelly O’Mara, like many runners, is all too familiar with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Source: How To Treat And Beat Plantar Fasciitis – Competitor.com

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