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How You Walk Affects Your Feet


Guest Post Written By: Bethany Widdicombe

In the age of information, it can be exhausting to figure out why you are experiencing pain in your feet. What shoe companies often fail to inform you is how you walk affects your feet.

How you position your feet as you walk is an important part in maintaining a healthy body. Unless you are a trained athlete, it can be hard to position your body in a form that helps you build strength, rather than hinder you.

Natural State of Feet

Specialists often suggest orthotics to correct your foot positioning. However, orthotics can often hinder your body from being able to adapt to its needs. Studies reveal that your foot will naturally build up strength when given the opportunity to be in its natural state.

The popularity of minimalist shoes is growing, and it is not just because it is the latest fashion. In reality, people are experiencing better health and less pain as their body naturally develops strength. The key is giving your feet the opportunity to walk without the wrong kind of shoe for your activity level.

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Proper Walking Form

Many people have a habit of curling their hips and shoulders forward in a way that shifts their alignment. After awhile, the lack of proper alignment in the spine begins to cause pain along your body and in your feet.

To walk with better form, start with looking forward while holding your spine straight. Tighten your core and step forward with your feet active from heel to toe. Swing your arms side to side, the opposite of your leg movement. Begin with small steps forward that soon bring you to a comfortable stride.

Try to keep your body relaxed, but with active engagement of your muscles to walk forward in proper walking form. It can be challenging at first, but the more you practice walking with better form, the healthier your body will feel.

Walk With Intention

 Walking is something you learn at a young age, but it takes walking with intention to keep the body pain free. Whether you run, walk, or even swim, how you move makes a difference.

If the pain in your feet persists, visit a podiatry specialist. The study of podiatry has helped countless patients achieve relief. With informed research and active solutions, podiatry helps you achieve a functional life on your feet.

Movement is important in your daily living. If you work all day on your feet, or have poor alignment, then it is time to take action in learning how you walk affects your feet. When symptoms are caught early, you can avoid long-term damage, and open up the opportunity of pain free feet all year long.


Writer’s Bio:

Bethany Widdicombe is a runner at heart, a researcher by nature, and a writer by passion. Having traveled across the world, she continues to be an advocate for awareness and knowledge that empowers people to a better life. You can now find her trekking outside, or nestled away writing her next article. Follow her journey at Bethany Jane Writes.




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