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Is standing bad for us, or an activity our bodies were designed for?

In our society it is generally accepted that most people would rather sit down in a chair then to stand given the opportunity. Whether we are watching TV, reading, eating, or sitting at our desk at work, most of us would be in a chair. Our ancestors most likely didn’t spend as much time in a chair as today’s generation.  The question becomes, “is our body designed for so much sitting, and could it be detrimental to our health?”

Below is a collection of evidence that supports idea that there is a increase in health related issues that is directly proportional to the time that we spend sitting. And for those of us out there who say “I wish I could stand more, but my job requires me to be at a desk for 8-10 hours a day,” meet Lee. He has a different approach. His job requires him to spend 100% time at a desk in front of a computer. A year ago, Lee decided that he was not going to sit all day after realizing it probably isn’t good for his health. He now spends four hours of his work day standing, and the other four hours sitting. Interestingly enough, the four hours spent standing Lee is barefoot. The other fascinating aspect to this story is that this is not his only form of exercise. He competes in triathlons does many of his runs in the morning before going to work. His PR for a 5K is 18:53 (6:23 pace) – not bad for someone that is “on his feet all day.”

Pictured is the desk Lee built himself to sit atop his original desk to allow him to stand while working. It can easily be removed to have the computer sit back on the lower desk.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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