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It’s National Running Day!!


Hope everyone had or does have a great run today!

For those that follow my blog, please understand that we are undergoing some significant changes to the site to keep it up and functioning. It has been one year now and we needed to bring it to a new server to be able to handle the content and improved functionality. If you click on a link that is from Facebook or Twitter, you most likely will not be redirected to my blog. All the links are still active from the blog and all original content is still there.

We had to upgrade to a different server to accommodate the upcoming changes for the blog. When I was on the phone discussing the issues we were having they wanted to know my goal of the blog. In my mind I thought, “at this point I just want all my content back on line!” The goal of this blog is to help world become better runners. Whether its to help someone recover from an injury, train for a 5k or marathon, or even select a pair of shoes or running shorts, I simply want to help anyone who wants to run. With that in mind, feel free to reach out with any questions that you all may have. You can simply post in the comments below and I’ll do my best to either answer directly or do a blog post on it.

So be patient as we continue to add to the site and make some fun upgrades. And for those who submitted stories for the Vibram FiveFingers contest, we will choose a story soon!

Thanks for following and reading!!!

Dr. Nick

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