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Its spring. Are you ready for Flip-Flops?


Most people can’t wait for spring to come so they can break out the flip-flops only to be told be a physician or concerned friend that they are “bad for your feet!”. Are they? Not really. In fact, most people can function just fine in flip flops if they gradually make a transition to them from the winter months. In other words, don’t put them on and wear all day or weekend. Our bodies are miraculous at adapting to change, as long as it’s gradual. Most problems with flip flops come when the individual overdoes it without letting their feet and bodies adjust. Wear them for an hour or two a day and gradually increase each week four about 6 weeks. This should reduce any chance of injury or overuse problems to the feet. Currently the shoe industry is even seen changing its recommendation guidelines as well as the shoes themselves because it is becoming evident that less is actually better. Runners are even wearing “less” of a shoe with minimal support or cushion. So rest assured, as the weather improves, a gradual change to your stylish flip flops may not be such a bad idea!

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