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Learn to run more naturally by Phil Maffetone.



The Natural Running Center recently featured an article by Dr. Phil Maffetone from a two part series on Gait and learning how to run with better form.  Maffetone’s book The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing is one of my favorites that should be read by every runner.


Many beginning runners remark about how much they enjoy the new experience. They care little about the nuances regarding form, technique, or proper gait. As long as they are moving, accumulating mileage over a sustained period of time, they feel content and satisfied. But at the advanced and elite level of running, the concept of gait takes on an entirely new dimension of complexity, constant questioning, and evaluation by a coach or oneself.Check out the rest of this great article by Dr. Maffetone at the Natural Running Center here.
by Dr. Phil Maffetone. 
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