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Legal Options Available When Hit By Cars As You Walk Or Run

Here’s some interesting information regarding who’s at fault when you’re out there running with the cars…..

While cars will collide with other cars in most cases, runners need to be careful and practice due diligence. There are more situations in which people are hit when walking or when running. It is really important to know what you have to do then. Based on data offered by Ladah Law Firm in Las Vegas, the following factors are vital to understand.

The Party At Fault

In most cases it is believed that the fault is of the car driver if pedestrians are hit but that is not always the case. A driver should offer priority to the pedestrian in so many cases but when the pedestrian breaks the law and the driver does not, the fault is solely of the individual that was hit. Everyone has to obey the law. The party that did not is the one responsible, no matter who got hurt.

Did An Injury Appear?

Whenever being injured during an accident when a car hit you and the fault is of the driver, there are legal options available to receive financial compensation. An injury claim can be filed with the car insurance carrier. We refer to this as third party claim. Insurance claims will usually bring in the necessary compensation to cover lost income, general damages and medical bills.

Injury settlements are normally the result of the insurance claims. Negotiations happen and when the amounts offered by the insurance companies are not seen as satisfactory, it is possible to go to civil court to get more. That will normally be a long process.

When Drivers Do Not Stop At The Scene

Whenever involved in a car accident you are obliged to stop and exchange the relevant insurance and contact information with those that were involved. If this happens it is easy to pursue compensation. However, in some situations we are faced with a huge problem as the accident is a hit and run. That will drastically narrow options.

When involved in a hit and run as a victim, you need to let the authorities know as soon as possible. An official investigation needs to start. When you had the luck to have witnesses, their statements have to be taken. Be sure to get contact information and names at the scene of the accidents, if possible. Simply offer all the data that you can to the police. Then, you need to take care of the medical treatment necessary. Unfortunately, you will do it alone, based on the health coverage you have.

Hopefully, the police will identify the party responsible after some time. That is when you need to discuss everything with the personal injury attorney and see what options are the very best for you. Unfortunately, if there is no insurance coverage that applies, there is not much that you can do.

The legal options you have are really easy to understand when being hit by a car as a pedestrian. Make sure that you are going to hire an attorney in the event it is required.


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