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Lucky Shoes Fairlawn Akron Race for the Cure Couch to 5K Schedule


Lucky’s Shoes and the New Balance Stores of Northeastern Ohio are helping individuals train for a 5k. Below is a program designed for someone who has never ran a 5k before and is a gradual progression of run walking in attempts to avoid injury. The run/walk times are listed accordingly and total weekly miles are provided as well.

Remember this is a “black and white” program. In other words you are following a scheduled plan. It Isolde important to listen to your body then the schedule. If you are tired or sore, take an extra rest day or make sure your runs are easier. You can read some of my heart rate training articles to help you understand what effort you should be running the majority of your runs at.


Good luck! I’m here for questions!!

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Week 1 Run/Walk Time Pace Total Time
M 17-Jun 6/2/6/2 Easy 16 min
W 19-Jun 8/2/8/2 Easy 20 min
F 21-Jun 6/2/6/2 Easy 16 min
Sat 22-Jun Other Cardio Easy 30 min

Week 2 Run/Walk Pace Total Time
M 24-Jun 8/2/8/2 Brisk 20 min
W 26-Jun 10/2/10/2 Brisk 24 min
F 28-Jun 8/2/8/2 Brisk 20 min
Sat 29-Jun Other Cardio Brisk 30 min

Talk 1 30-Jun Form Correction/ Gait Analysis 9:30 a.m. @ NBF

Week 3 Run/Walk Pace Total Time
M 1-Jul 12/3/12/3 Brisk 30 min
W 3-Jul 15/5/15/5 Brisk/Rest 40 min
F 5-Jul 12/3/12/3 Brisk 30 min
Sat 6-Jul Other Cardio Brisk 30 min

Week 4 Run/Walk Pace Total Time
M 8-Jul 15/5/10 Brisk 30 min
W 10-Jul 18/2/18/2 Brisk 40 min
F 12-Jul 100mS/100mW Sprint/15 min jog 20 min
Sat 13-Jul Other Cardio Brisk 30 min

Talk 2 14-Jul Prep for The Race/ Course Mapping 9:30 a.m. @ NBF

Week 5 Run/Walk Pace Total Time
M 15-Jul 20/R/20 Fast 40 min
W 17-Jul 100mS/100mJ Sprint/10 min run 30 min
F 19-Jul 10min/10min Time/1 mile pace 20 min
Sat 20-Jul 25 min jog Pacing/Form 25 min

Week 6 Run/Walk Pace Total Time
M 22-Jul 30 min run Time/distance 30 min
W 24-Jul 1minS/1minJ Breathing/Form 20 min
F 26-Jul 10min/10min Time/1 mile pace 20 min
Sat 27-Jul Rest

Final 28-Jul Race Day! Meet before and after! 5:30 p.m. @ TBD

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