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New images from the case study demonstrating increase in arch height.

For those who had read my initial post on the 2 year long example of what can happen to the arch by strengthening it, here are some additional images that show a side view of the foot. Many had commented that it would be beneficial to see the arch from the side.  We were able to go back and find a side view (and many other angles) of the photos that were taken that day as well as have the subject take new images in the same position.  PLEASE DO NOTE THAT THE INDIVIDUAL IN THESE PHOTOS WAS INSTRUCTED TO BEAR FULL WEIGHT TO THE FOOT AND ALLOW THE ARCH TO REST IN A RELAXED POSITION.   I have now included these images in the original post and they are also shown below.  If you have not read this post, you can view it here –


I also have obtained radiographs from this subject and will be posting them shortly.  They also demonstrate some incredible findings.  Again, this is anecdotal and hopefully we will soon be able to reproduce with scientifically by randomizing and controlling subjects.  There are many variables involved that make this difficult.
Side View
A side view of the foot demonstrates a mild increase in the height of the medial longitudinal arch. It is not possible for me to measure the hight change as the images were not taken from a set distance but one can see the increase in curvature of the arch.


lateral before after

To demonstrate the change, this color fill was added to show the increased curvature or height of the medial longitudinal arch.

lateral before after with arch fill

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