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Nutrition is key, but supplements help in running

In order to supply nutrients in sufficient amount to any individual an oral product is taken for the sake of overcome the dietary deficiencies known as supplements. These products are intended to supplement the normal diet and are considered as the external source of nutrients. Some dietary supplements are vitamins, iron, caffeine, fish oil, MCT and glutamine. If you want to run longer and faster the only thing that can help you is your diet. If the diet is healthy then no one can beat you.

Essential supplements


Red blood cells and muscles cell are mainly composed of iron known as hemoglobin and myoglobin respectively. The function of hemoglobin is to supply oxygen from your lungs to the entire body. As hemoglobin’s essential component is iron if your body deficits it, then the supply of oxygen to the tissues will be slowed down and can cause serious diseases. This is very important for the athletes to take iron supplements according to the demand of your body. These can be taken in the form of tablets or liquids but an effective way is to eat food enrich in iron for example green vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, brown rice , cereals and dried fruits.


If you are an athlete or a regular runner then you must kept this in mind that the exertion or energy you put in your exercises causes in the deficiencies of many nutrients. A balanced diet for a runner is extremely vital. Being a regular runner all your reserves for vitamins and other nutrients may be tapped out and can become life threatening.

Vitamin A: it helps in the growth, vision and improving your immune system. Moreover, it is fat soluble and antioxidant that protects your body from the unnecessary free radicals you face while running.

Vitamin C: the function of vitamin C is to strengthen the body’s joints, bones, teeth and maintain the capillaries. It is in the charge of building muscles, cartilage and blood vessels. Orange, kiwi, grapefruits, strawberries are the best sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D: chronic inflammation and fracture are the symptoms of the deficiency of vitamin D. For the absorption of calcium and strong bones it is highly required. Fortified yogurt, salmon, swordfish, canned tuna are the main sources. You can monitor the daily intake of nutrients through many apps just like an app catch a cheater that is probably designed to keep track of someone activities.


In running strong bones are highly demanded and for strong bones consumption of calcium is essential. Our 99 percent of calcium is reserved in teeth and bones. It works like an electrolyte that aids the building of muscles and in the contraction of blood vessels. About 1000 milligrams of calcium per day is required for a normal body. Calcium also plays role in the clotting of blood and its deficiency may cause the cracks in bones, pain in joints and fractures. Low fat yogurt, canned salmon, cottage cheese and turnip greens will bestow you the necessary calcium.

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