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Over pronation? Why it’s not the cause of your foot injury or inability to run.

Below is a great post at Kinetic-Revolution on the topic of pronation and why it is no longer looked at in terms of fixing a running injury. If you are one of the many that still say, “I can’t run because I over pronate”, don’t blame your feet! Pronation simply describes a normal motion that occurs in the foot and ankle (specifically it’s a triplanar motion) and is important in absorbing shock. It was once thought of as a culprit to many foot, ankle, leg and back injuries but we now know this is no longer true. It’s kinda like that fat free diet we thought was healthy turned out to be the cause of heart disease through the over ingestion of carbohydrates such as pasta and bread (another misnomer to runners who thought carb loading was necessary before a race). I too have treated many patients by attempting to control “over-pronation” with orthotics only to find out it’s not the answer. As a surgeon, my experience in fusing the joint know as the subtalar joint has made me realize the only true way to control or stop motion at this joint is to fuse it. Placing an insert in your shoe doesn’t really stop the motion. More importantly though, you don’t want to stop this motion. You don even need to control it. The foot needs strengthened, and your body needs to function the way it has been designed or evolved- with little or no support.

Read what Ian Griffiths has to say about pronation.

I’ve written this article to specifically discuss some of the literature regarding foot level pronation, and in doing so facilitate the conclusion that the term “overpronation” is neither accurate, descriptive nor meaningful, and should therefore be erased from modern day usage in both the lay and the medical communities.
– Ian Griffiths

The full post can be read here at http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/overpronation-accurate-or-out-of-date-terminology/

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