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Ever since I went gluten free I really avoided all breakfast bars, protein bars, and any power bars etc. Oh, since I brought up being gluten free- I used to think this was propaganda etc until I explored, researched, and experienced it myself. Yes. Wheat is bad. At least the way our society has genetically modified it. I stopped eating bread and anything that contained wheat flour last February and the effects on my gastrointestinal tract have been unreal. In fact, I never realized it, but I’ve been living my entire life with constant bloating and stomach issues which I had just attributed to “having a bad stomach”. Of course I had good days and bad days, but I used to attribute the bad days to how much I had eaten as opposed to what it was. So now 11 months later I have no stomach issues, have stopped taking Asacol (for ulcerative colitis) and have no active inflammation after a recent colonoscopy. Ok, too much info. But the point is, the gluten in the wheat which is genetically modified was irritating my gastrointestinal tract and creating a chronic inflammation. Since adapting a whole food plant based diet with occasional meat, it’s been great.

Ok. Back to the PROMAX Bars. While these aren’t exactly “whole food” items as I had mentioned, they are gluten free so I tried them.



They are actually not bad. There are several flavors as listed and I think I liked the chocolate peanut crunch the best. The others were all great though and my wife and kids enjoyed them as well.


Here’s the information as listed on their website. This one is for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar. You can get the full details from all of their bars here.




I think they’re really good! For the purest I’d be a bit concerned because although it doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, it does contain corn syrup as well as fructose. It’s still better from an ingredient standpoint than the traditional bars on the market and it’s gluten free.


The prices varies from $1.79 per bar for the original series to $2.99 for the Pro Series bars. There are also options for purchasing boxes and larger quantities.




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