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Review of AFX Toe Socks

I had the opportunity to review a pair of new toe socks introduced by a company known as AFXSocks. There aren’t many manufacturers of toe socks besides Injinji, who by the way has become the gold standard for toe socks.

The big difference with this toe sock by AFXSocks is the antimicrobial protection that has ability to prevent occurrence of fungal and bacteria infection by 99.99%. They have odor fighting availability as well with the material known as Permara. Is this true? I haven’t don’t the research on this material but you can read more about it at www.AFXsocks.com.

The following is from AFXSocks website regarding Permara:


Easy Wear: Wear the socks just like any other socks. Products treated with Permara’s™ renewable antimicrobial finishes and additives are ready to use right out-of-the-box. The >99.9% killing power begins to protect against microbes and odors as soon as you put them on.

Easy Care: Wash the socks just like any other socks. Launder per label instructions in a washing machine using cold water, detergent and chlorine bleach, such as Clorox® Regular-Bleach. Line or machine dry. The antimicrobial is fully recharged and ready-to-wear.

Renewable: >99.xx Efficacy after 52 washings. When PermaraTM treated products are laundered or cleaned using diluted chlorine bleach, Permara’sTM exclusive renewable antimicrobial technology binds only the chlorine ions from the bleach to the treated product. Third-party laboratory tests evidence that the >99% killing power is fully restored after 50 washings. This renewable antimicrobial technology ability lasts for the life of the product.

Safe: No irritation of skin. Third-party FDA Lab studies of PermaraTM Treated fabric show no evidence of skin irritation or toxicity.

Environmentally friendly: Contains no heavy metals. Chlorine is derived from sea water (the ocean is approximately 2% chlorine) contains no heavy metals that can harm the environment.

What I can tell you is, it’s a seamless toe sock that is comfortable and for me has worn rather well in the several weeks that I have tested it. I didn’t wear it consecutively for 4 days as the college student subjects on the website did. I did however where them for two days and yes, there was a bit of odor. Sorry! More importantly, I didn’t get any fungal or bacteria infection.

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It’s a great toe sock for the price. I do miss the trendy logo the Injinji socks sport on the side. It would be kinda cool to see the AFX logo on the sock but that would obviously drive the cost up significantly as AFX toe socks are priced from $11.99 to $14.99.

They are sold here at Amazon.

You can also purchase them directly from their website.

The seams between the toe have held up for me over several months of wear and did not separate with holes as some other toe socks I have worn.


The stitching around the ankle is done in a manner that does not fray or irritate the skin. It has not stretched over several months of wear.


They even make a no show version which is unique, but I really did not wear. This may be a more popular option amongst females.



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