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Runner’s World top shoes of 2014. Minimalist?

Absolutely. You can call them what you want, but they are light weight, flexible, and have a low heel height. As we say goodbye to 2014, we are also waving at motion control and stability shoes.


Runner’s just posted their top four picks for what they termed “The best shoes in the world” which can be seen here. All four of these shoes without a doubt fit the category of what one could call a minimalist shoe.


When all the naysayers said that minimalist shoes will be a fad, here were are staring at 4/4 shoes of the top shoes of 2014 and they are minimal. Without a doubt, this demonstrates that the running industry has seen a change in what we need to be wearing when running, and the shoe industry has followed. These “top four” shoes in the world are certainly not motion control or stability shoes.



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