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Running barefoot can reduce knee pain by reducing patellofemoral joint stress.

While working on a literature search for a new study that I am very excited to present the results from very soon, I once again came upon this article and felt it was worth mentioning. Our study which should be published in 2014 will demonstrate some long awaited data in regards to barefoot running and minimalist shoes.

The study titled Take your shoes off to reduce patellofemoral joint stress during running looked at data from 22 experienced runners who ran barefoot and with a neutral running shoe. The results demonstrated that running barefoot decreased peak patellofemoral joint stress by 12% (p=0.000) in comparison to shod running.

The authors concluded the elevated patellofemoral joint stress observed during shod running might contribute to patellofemoral pain. Running barefoot decreases patellofemoral joint stress.

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