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Running causes injuries: Fix your running not your injury.

I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on a recent Runner’s World post in regards to rehabbing an injury. Figured it was worth mentioning on my blog.

Running causes injury, the challenge is to figure out why you’re getting injured. I’m not a fan of stopping running to fix an injury, but if you’re one of the many that say when you stop running, your injury goes away only to find it return when you resume, it’s your running that’s the problem. Sometimes you can rehab all you want but your injury will not resolve. Its probably not going to unless you fix your running. How do you fix your running? That is the challenge. Form, training patterns, and intensity are the three key factors in treating an injury. Not your shoes or your orthotics! Amazing hearing this from a podiatrist right? Well the entire shoe industry has changed over the past 5 years and we now know that motion control is not the answer. Neither are orthotics. I’ve been practicing this way for 5 years now and have seen tremendous success. I’ve seen numerous patients present with bags of orthotics and shoes and still suffering from an injury. Transitioning them out of the orthotics and focusing on the three aforementioned parameters instead of shoes has changed their running and resolved their injuries. It takes patience and faith that this works, but it’s a change of mind that is needed. Once you change your way of thinking about running, it will all make sense. Follow my blog www.drnicksrunningblog.com and you can read for hours about this subject. Message me for advice or with questions! And, if you’re close to Cleveland/Akron call and visit! We will be working with runners in our new gait lab very soon!

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