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Running in the snow? Be careful as it can create an overuse injury.

It’s definitely pretty to run outside during a snowfall, but many fail to realize what the snow can do in terms of overtaxing the muscles in your legs. It’s similar to running in sand. I see a lot of injuries in runners during this time of year that are simply the result of trying to keep their traction in the snow. The muscles are working harder to stabilize the foot to prevent from falling. This is especially true of the Achilles tendon because it aids in stabilizing the rear foot. 30-45 minutes in the snow can lead to an Achilles tendonitis that can be aggravating for many months.

If you don’t use a traction device, check out the Nano Spikes I reviewed in a previous post. They work really well. Oh, and no my wife didn’t listen to me on this 13 mile run yesterday in the snow!! She didn’t wear them!


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