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Running through New York City

I’m going to stray a bit from educational and information material and blog a little about running the through New York City from this past weekend.

My wife and I had a great adventurous weekend in the Big Apple and of course we had to get some running in.

Started a Saturday morning run by heading out to see the Today Show where @runnerdoctor made the Twitter billboard!!

The apartment we were in was 1.3 miles from Rockefeller Plaza so we decided to turn our run into some sightseeing and make some pit stops along the way to explore. And, yes we did get on TV!!!

After a 45 minute non water break with Lester Holt and the crew of the Today Show, we headed over to Central Park. We were less then a mile from there but it still turns into a 15 minute pace given all the stops at street corners!


Running through Central Park was a great experience. There was a race occurring that was we think was a 60k. It’s awesome to see the amount of people running in New York. We did about 2 miles here, maybe less as my wife’s experiencing a minor overuse situation that she is recovering from so we needed to keep things short.

I was wearing my FiveFingers which may have been a bad idea. Not because of the terrain, but because of all the horse droppings and urine that was mixed with the rain water that had accumulated. Let’s leave it at that.

Finished with a Starbucks Christmas blend that was spiced up a bit with some nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla flavored powder. Excellent!!


Had an amazing day of sightseeing that ended with a Broadway show – Jersey Boys. We even had a connection to get backstage afterwards and hang out with leading role who played Frankie Valli!!!

Sundays run headed back to Central Park. There was ANOTHER race happening which was a fund raiser and awareness run for brain cancer. Tons of runners which had multiple start times which is uncharacteristic for a shorter distance from what I’m accustomed to seeing.

What a great place to run. Aside from stopping and starting during the streets, it’s amazing to run in New York City. I was surprised at the amount of hills present in Central Park as well as how large it was. We didn’t even run the entire park and still put in 5 miles for our total run, which by the way isn’t much considering we average 10-12 for our weekend long runs in off season. Had Julie not been suffering from the overuse injury, I’m sure we would have gone farther.

Finished with another Starbucks again spruced up with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla powder. Ahhhhhh.

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