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Ryan Hall to run Costa Rican Half Marathon on May 26th.

As reported on www.RunnersWorld.com.

Ryan Hall in Costa Rican Half May 26

He’s returning to what he calls his “happy place.”



May 14, 2013
Ryan Hall Profile Image

Ryan Hall will return to Costa Rica, what he calls his “happy place,” the scene of his honeymoon with wife, Sara, to run the inaugural Media Maraton Gatorade – the Gatorade Half Marathon – in the capital city of San Jose on May 26.

Hall, who has the American half-marathon record of 59:43, has made no mention of this Costa Rica race on Facebook or Twitter, both of which do mention his May 19 appearance at the Bay to Breakers 12-K in San Francisco. There’s been no press release in English about his trip to this 13.1-miler. But Hall has made a video discussing the Media Maraton, and it’s included in a write-up about Hall at the Spanish-language Una Vuelta a la Manzana website in an entry by Marianella Cordero.

Cordero, who can be seen posing with Hall, refers to him as “un muchacho de 30 años con un talento fenomenal para correr, y una enorme dosis de humildad y trabajo para sostener esos resultados y seguir mejorando.” It’s been 45 years since I took high school Spanish, but she means Hall is “a young man of 30 with a phenomenal talent for running, and an enormous amount of humility and work to sustain his results and continue improving.” Or thereabouts.

In his video, Hall, who withdrew from the April 15 Boston Marathon, says “I’m really excited to be running my first half marathon of the 2013 season in Costa Rica.” He praises the Central American nation’s food, people, and coffee, and explains, “I’m just really looking forward to running a good half marathon. I’m not sure what kind of shape I’m in. I haven’t raced yet this season but [have] been training hard and feeling good in my running so I’m excited to go and test myself.”

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