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Shoe Review: The Lems Mariner Camel

Shoe Name: Lems Mariner Camel

Model: N/A

Weight: 7.4 oz

Price: $105.00

Drop: zero

Website: www.lemsshoes.com

Forefoot: The Lems Mariner is a classic “Docksider” type shoe that has a wide forefoot with an extremely soft leather to accommodate your foot allowing the toes to move freely. The entire sole is flexible and is apparent in the forefoot when extending and fixing the toes. The forefoot does not slide as the midfoot has a snug fit from three eyelet laces.

Cushion: There is a removable 3mm foam liner in the shoe that offers some mild cushion but nothing that I would say inhibits feedback from the ground. The sole of this shoe is a huge improvement from the previous shoe I wore called the Primal in that it allows the foot to rest naturally as if you were barefoot. There is a 9mm stack height with a sole made of LemsRubber™ injection rubber which is fully flexible and allows normal foot range of motion.

Flexibility: As with all Lems Shoes, this passes the roll up test and has a fully flexible sole. The leather upper is also very flexible and is not stiff at all.

Overall: I am very impressed with is shoe. As I mentioned before it is a huge improvement from their original Primal shoe in that the foot rests naturally as if it were barefoot. This shoe fit me great bearfoot as well as with socks. In my opinion it is a very stylish shoe that can be worn casually with shorts or pants and still has the appearance of a socially acceptable shoe yet offering a “minimalist” feel which is hard to find. Need a casual shoe for work? This is it.

They can be purchased here.










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