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ShoeCue: A biofeedback shoe insert to improve foot strike. 

The ShoeCue is a minimal cushioned insert that fits into your running shoe and encourages you to land with more of a midfoot strike. It does this by incorporating a patent-pending, textured thermoplastic heel plate that vibrates and provides texture reminding you not to land on your heels.  They’re small bumps that are incorporated into a foot plate that increases your awareness of when you land on your heel. 

I tried them on a five mile run today and it’s pretty remarkable as to how it works. At first I was a a bit skeptical but the feedback is just enough to get you off your heels but not “sharp” enough to cause pain. I did try landing on my heels and the best way to describe it is annoying at first and then eventually I’m sure it would start to burn and irritate the heel.

They’re sold in several sizes and you cut it to fit inside of your shoe.

The easiest way is to cut through the lines to your size and then follow the lines as seen below.


I think this is a unique tool to learn how to stop running on your heels.  You will still be able to heel strike, but you will definitely feel it and be aware.  You’ll get really irritated by the rubbing and vibration like feeling that occurs. For the price ($39.99) it’s a great way to improve your stride if you’re struggling with learning to mid foot strike.

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