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SKORA Fit Running Shoe Review.

Shoe Name: SKORA Fit

Model: R01-003M02

Weight: 8.2 oz

Price: $94.95

Drop: 0mm

Website: http://skorarunning.com/fit-r01-003m02.html

Forefoot: Soft and stretchy forefoot. It does allow freedom and full extension of the toes despite a slight narrow appearance. It’s more of the style of the shoe with lateral laces that makes it look narrow. It is really roomy. I especially like the material of this shoe which is extremely flexible and is an asset to the forefoot.

Cushion: Not much cushion if you’re used to a thick cushioned shoe, but for a minimalist shoe it does have a bit more than you may be accustomed to. The midsole is 16 mm thick across the entire platform providing the zero mm heel drop.


Flexibility: Passes my roll up test as pictured below. A very flexible shoe with a soft sole. The shoe also is made from a single piece of seamless fabric making it very stretchy in the areas that truly need it. Very form fitting regardless of your foot type and whatever bony prominences you may have. So, if you’re suffering from a bunion this makes for a great shoe. Read more on this design at SKORA’s website here.

The outsole is a soft yet firm rubber which allows for increased feel of the ground with heightened proprioception. This makes landing on a stone painless yet you can still feel the ground beneath you.

Overall: I’ve tested two of the older models of SKORA shoes and for some reason I really like this one the best. The sole appears to be the same as the previous models I’ve worn but it feels much different- in a good way. I love the lateral placed laces (shoe laces cross and tie on side of the shoe as opposed to the traditional midline of the shoe) as they make the upper portion of the shoe feel very comfortable and soft without restricting the extensor tendons. I’ve logged several miles now in this shoe and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants a minimalist shoe with little cushion. I’ve been wearing it daily now in my office and have been getting compliments daily!! People love the look of this shoe and say it kinda looks like a slipper! Meaning they want it on their foot!! This shoe gets my vote.



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