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Skora Form Running Shoe Review









Shoe Name: Skora Form

Model: R01-002M04

Price: MSRP $184.95


Weight: 8.2 oz


Drop: 0 mm


Forefoot: An excellent wide and accommodating forefoot. Being that the majority of my miles are in FiveFingers, this shoe felt great in the forefoot area. The Base model is somewhat wider then the Form and did fit kind of loose. I think the Base is a bit sloppy but comfortable.


Cushion: Not much cushion which is what I like as it allows you to feel the ground. The Base seemed to feel a bit softer on the ground then the Form, but I liked the hardness of the form better. Definitely a minimalist shoe feel.


Flexibility: Easily rolls up into a ball with the flexible sole.


Overall: I definitely would recommend this shoe for anyone who likes a true minimalist shoe. The Form has a better fit and is made of a combo of goat and sheep skin which is different. Wasn’t a fan of the leather but it has grown on me. Is soft and forgiving and forms to foot. Not tight at all and does not rub. Price is a little high but compared to a top of the line motion control ASICS it is actually cheaper. Would advise the Form over the Base until the new Base is released.









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