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Sockwa X8 shoe review

I wrote this review in the traditional format which I typically use to review running shoes a while back but have since worn them more then I did for testing purposes. This shoe made my vacation!! I’m sure many will think its a water shoe, but it’s much more than that. I did use it as one, but it was extremely form fitting and much more comfortable then a generic water shoe. It survived 10 days in Hawaii and was not phased a bit. The liner is a special fabric as discussed below which kept clean and did not fray or come apart. The salt water did not effect it nor did the sand. There was also no bad odor at the end of the 10 days. It’s was also perfect in the water where there were tons of rocks and coral. Even went surfing in them!!

I definitely recommend this shoe for times when minimal protection is needed and you basically want to protect your skin from hot surfaces mildly rocky terrain. It’s very light and easy to travel with. Also slips on very easy.

Shoe Name: sockwa

Model: X8


Price: $59.99

Drop: zero (0mm)

Website: http://www.sockwa.com/products/x8

Forefoot: Natural width forefoot that is snug but made with a very breathable and stretchy fabric that conforms to your foot. It is surprisingly light weight and less confiding then a pair of socks believe it or not. Definitely has room for normal toe function. The rubber sole is super flexible and formed to the ball of your foot under the 1st MPJ.

Cushion: There is none. The sole is a 2 mm thin runner sole that is soft yet durable. There is no midsole to this shoe other then the breathable high end felt like fabric known as Ariaprene. It is a soft and durable material.

Flexibility: The shoe is completely flexible and can be rolled up. Although it has memory for the shape of your foot, it is 100% flexible. No stiffness.

Overall: Despite the way it looks, this is definitely not a water shoe. It’s a lightweight shoe that is very easy to slip on and wear in a hurry. I’m not sure of it’s niche yet. It originated on the west coast so I’m sure it’s used more frequently in a warmer climate. I have liked it to slip on quickly when I’m in a hurry and do not have any socks on. I don’t think I would run in this although I’m sure one could.











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