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Sugoi Wind Mitten Running Glove Review

It’s that time of the year again when the temperatures drop below 20°F and you need to keep warm durning those 5:45am runs. Your hands are an important part of your body to protect, especially like someone in my profession where we wash our hands numerous times all day long and become prone to cracking. Cold weather aggravates this condition and can lead to some pretty severe chapped skin.

For years and years I wore socks on my hands while running in the cold and just last year I decided to invest in a pair of running gloves. I didn’t get too carried away in finding the latest and greatest and ended up with and inexpensive pair of New Balance gloves. They were E-tips which I thought were cool, but really only if you wear then outside if running. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of running with my iPhone so I’d never need this feature. It’s too expensive of a device to take with me during a run and for less then the price you pay for a case to protect it you could by an iPod shuffle that is negligible when it comes to weight and size. Back to the gloves. So, I realized with the New Balance gloves my hands were much warmer then the socks I had been sporting. All those years I should have been wearing gloves!

Then, the usual scenario happened to me. While getting my gear on to head out for a run a few weeks ago, I realized I had “lost” one of my gloves. Time to shop for a new glove. I ended up getting a pair of Sugoi . The reason I chose these was the wind mitten that covers the fingers for when it’s extremely cold and windy. 20131202-213536.jpgThey tend to run a little big so I went with the small as opposed to mediums which I normally wear (I tried in some Nike gloves on mediums fit best). 20131202-212525.jpg

I had the chance to test them out over the weekend in some 30° temperatures and they were awesome. Started the run without the wind guards and after about 45 minutes I pulled them over my fingers. Amazing difference. Didn’t have to pull my fingers out and warm them up in the palms of the gloves. Simple enough to pull over fingers and then tuck back in. Great gloves.

Has some grips on the fingers for using an iPod. Comfy, not stiff, and warm. Don’t miss the e-tips at all.20131202-212514.jpg

I Definitely recommend these gloves. Initially I thought the price was a bit much at $35.00 but after comparing to many of the others out there, it’s a better glove for price and actually less then some including North Face which was a stiff glove without the wind mitten guard.

They’re available here at amazon and at the time I posted this the price for the small was $19.99!



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