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Superfeet Sandals – Flip Flops: Review of the OUTSIDE Men’s Iron shoes.

Most podiatrists will tell you flip-flops are bad for you.  The truth is, they’re not.  Our feet were meant to be barefoot and function without support or shoe-gear.  The only reason we need anything on our feet is to protect them from the external environment. However, if your feet have become accustomed to being in supportive shoe gear all winter long, then making an abrupt change to flip-flops can create a problem for your feet.  The muscles will need to work harder.  Your toe muscles will be activated to grip or grab the ground as they were not needed as much with heavy supportive shoes.  The arch and ankle muscles will also be working overtime to accommodate this change.

I prefer a flip-flop or sandal that is lightweight or flimsy with no support as the majority of shoes I wear are built that way.  I run and work in minimalist shoes and spend a great deal of my time barefoot at home.  If your one of the many people out there who still feel the need (or like) to wear supportive shoes or think that you must have an orthotic under your foot at all times, then you will love the Superfeet Flip-Flops. Superfeet is one of the industry leaders in over-the-counter orthotic devices and is carried by many podiatrists and speciality running shoe stores.

The OUTSIDE Men’s Iron Sandal by Superfeet sports a built-in Superfeet foot bed with a combined synthetic leather upper flip-flop like strap. 

If you love your Superfeet inserts, you’ll love this sandal.  It was a bit too supportive for me, but I’m sure many others who feel better with the added support will love this.  

If you’re recovering from plantar fasciitis these would be better short term instead of a cheap flimsy flip flop.  Ladies models are available as well.  Click here to see more of what Superfeet has to offer. 

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