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The Apple Watch: Review in process!

I have been testing 5 different running watches and wrist heart rate monitors over the past several months with the goal of finding the best optical heart rate monitor.  I couldn’t help but include this in my test process. While my goal initially was not to use it as my primary running watch, it may have more capabilities than I thought.  You do need to carry your iPhone to enable a GPS as there in no onboard GPS on Apple Watch. Apple has stated the more you run with the watch paired with your iPhone, the more it learns your stride and you will be able to run without your iPhone and still calculate pace and distance.

I would love to hear anyone’s comments or questions about the Apple Watch to help with the review since there has been limited availability with it. If there is a functionality or technical question you have, please ask!

Please comment below and I’ll be sure to answer or give my thoughts!!


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