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The best boots for plantar fasciitis. The Tactical Research TR101 MINI-MiL™ Minimalist Training Boot by Belleville Boot Company


Finally I have discovered a boot that I can recommend to patients with chronic plantar fasciitis who are required to be in boots. The Tactical Research Mini-MiL. It is a military boot created by a company known as the Belleville Boot Company and it features a Vibram Sole. The boot has a 5mm heel to toe drop and was designed for those who are used to running and training in minimalist shoes.


A true minimalist boot featuring a 5mm “drop” between the heel & forefoot, theMINI-MiL™ is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalist athletic footwear. This quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too – weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.

  • A true minimalist boot with a 5 millimeter “drop”
  • Exclusive Vibram® “Tarsus” oil and slip resistant rubber
  • Highly breathable unlined leather & nylon upper
  • Double & triple stitched seams for enhanced durability
  • Padded Achilles support
  • 8” height
  • AR 670-1 Compliant


The Bellville Boot Company web page features a great post about the MINI-MiL boot and how to properly transition to a minimalist boot.


I discovered this boot this week by a patient in the Army who was a runner and was suffering from foot and knee pain that he resolved with minimalist running shoes. Basically he learned how to function and run more naturally. He then began wearing the MINI-MiL for while at work and has never switched back to a traditional military style boot.

I have yet to fully review each boot the Belleville Boot Company but I do know they offer a steel toe model, but it is not a minimalist boot. I will be in touch with Belleville and make any updates regarding a steel toe minimalist boot.

The MINI-MiL can be purchased below from Amazon.
Belleville 101 Tactical Research Mini-Mil Athletic Tan Boot 115R





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