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The Best Headphones for Running. Period

It’s not too often that I can blog about a new product from Apple, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. When the new iPhone 5 arrived on my doorstep, I didn’t realize I would be more awestruck by the new headphones dubbed as “EarPods” then the iPhone itself. I have pretty much ran with every possible headset available and I have to say these by far top all of them I have ever put into my ear.

To start with, they are extremely comfortable and fit firmly in your in ear without creating a seal that makes you feel like you are under water. The sound is emitted from the end of the ear pod and directs it toward the eardrum creating a cleaner sound while allowing for a tighter fit. The bass that is delivered is also richer and deeper due to a new technology that allows for air to pass through the stem of the pod, acting as an acoustic chamber, and then flow out.

Apple sound engineers — acousticians — were focused on improving sound quality. They established a target sound for the Apple EarPods. That target: a person sitting in a room listening to high-quality speakers.The overall audio quality of Apple EarPods is so impressive, they rival high-end headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more.

I’m sure many will argue that they have a wire and are not Bluetooth, but here’s something to consider. The iPod shuffle is an inexpensive running MP3 player that offers more then ample storage and costs only 49.99 making it basically disposable. When you compare the cost of a case for your iPhone to run with, as well as the price of a Bluetooth headset, you are well over 49.99 and then you have to worry abut breaking a minimum 649$ device. Not fun to be caught in the rain on a 10 mile run with your iPhone that may not have been protected from rain in your armband. Not to mention its heavier.

Bottom line, the $29.99 is well worth the price even if they become a disposable headset as a result of sweat etc. The design did take into account improved resistance to sweat. We shall see!!

I welcome everyone’s comments!!

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