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The React Sidekick: Wearable Security Device

The React Sidekick: Wearable Security Device






Hi Kickstarter! We are excited to be here with our first project. If you’ve ever worried about your safety or the safety of a loved one you are going to be excited about the React Sidekick, a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with our free app putting security within reach when it counts. Please help us bring the React Sidekick into production as we begin our journey to transform the way people call for help in an emergency.

Since we launched our app (React Mobile) over a year ago, we’ve been continually evolving our software and it’s become clear that an app alone is not enough. That’s why we’ve created the React Sidekick. You now have peace of mind at your fingertips without the need to find your phone, unlock it and dial. Simply press the React Sidekick button to send out a wide spread alert.

When you click the React Sidekick, your trusted contacts will receive an emergency alert email and text message letting them know where you are and that you need help.


You can also choose to have your Emergency Alerts posted on Facebook and Twitter.

8b77d50867b03580cc394c6cd1eb1e38_largeThe React Sidekick eliminates the need to find and unlock your phone to call for help. In an emergency, simply click the Sidekick Button to send out a widespread panic alert to a group of your trusted contacts.

The React Sidekick’s modular design allows you to take it with you on the go and is perfect for people with active lifestyles.


The React Sidekick’s modular, gender neutral design makes it accessible to anyone. The React Sidekick is perfect for those with an active lifestyle, and brings peace of mind when: Running alone, walking through parking lots, meeting new clients and dating. With the React Sidekick, you can easily alert a wide network whenever your phone is out of reach and the button can be worn on a clip or keychain carabiner. This device is also a great tool to give to children and teens so they can easily call for help in an emergency.



An app alone is not enough – pairs with the React Mobile app to deliver a more powerful solution
Modular gender neutral design
Only need to pair with your smartphone once
If screen is off, you can bypass your phone lock to send out an alert
Works even if app is backgrounded – just turn the React Sidekick on and click the button
The React Sidekick will support text-to-911. A new initiative by the FCC will finally bring the 20-year-old SMS texting technology to emergency centers across the country in the coming years. The top four wireless carriers in the U.S. have agreed to speed up their efforts to support text-to-911 capabilities, making it available by May 15, 2014, according to a statement from the Federal Communications Commission.

We started the first concept of the React Sidekick back in 2012 and it was originally designed to use conventional Bluetooth. It wasn’t until iOS 6 was released that we were able to take advantage of Low Energy (LE) Bluetooth 4.0. Today we are able to produce a better product at a much lower cost than previously attainable.

Our approach: A gender neutral modular approach designed for an active lifestyle. Here are some of the many concepts we considered before moving forward with the design you see today.

We moved forward with a one button approach. To prevent false alarms, the depression of the button ensures that the React Sidekick won’t accidentally be activated in your pocket or purse. You must “click” the button in order to send out an emergency notification.

Check out some early 3D printed models:

Packing all that functionality into a small form factor was a challenge. Here’s a look inside the device:

We included a colored LED visual indicator on the button that ties in with our app. Green means you’re safe, yellow means your contacts are watching over you and red means you’re in trouble and you’ve sent out a widespread alert to your trusted contacts.

Compatible Devices and OS

The React Sidekick works with the following devices:

iPhone: 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, iOS 6 or higher
Android: Must support LE Bluetooth 4.0 (ex: S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3 or higher)
Product Specs:

Diameter: 1.4”
Height: .5”
1+ year battery life
1.5 in x .5 in
0-30ft Range
Tri color LED (green, yellow, red)
One “click” activation
Modular – key chain, carabiner, active sports clip
Water resistant
The React Mobile app is available for download on The App Store and Google Play and has been continually evolving for over a year. Learn more about the free app at: www.reactmobile.com

As featured in:

Are you a developer that is looking for an external device to pair with an app that you’ve created? If we reach our goal, we will be offering developers a chance to pair the React Sidekick with the app(s) you develop. We will release a developer version of our firmware and you will gain access to everything you will need to re-purpose the React Sidekick to do any number of things. Some examples include:

Activating Siri when your phone screen is locked
Controlling music
Turning lights on/off
Take a better “selfie”
The possibilities are endless
After being the victim of an armed robbery while in college, co-founder Robb Monkman developed the React Mobile app as a way to discretely send out a call for help. Thinking about the evolution of React Mobile, Robb forged a partnership with, Rob Bangerter, a hardware veteran, to help make the React Sidekick a reality. As a father of two, Rob is passionate about React because it allows him to combine two of his passions: building great consumer products and protecting his family. Our app stands on it’s own, but our highly capable app is made more powerful when paired with the React Sidekick.

Every dollar helps us bring the React Sidekick into production – Thank you!

Click here for the official Kickstarter page and do contribute. 


See an opportunity to partner with React? Let’s talk. We want to hear about your business, apps, and more! If you have any ideas for new ways to utilize the React Sidekick, you will be invited to our office in Seattle, so that we can discuss them with you!

We have completed all the milestones leading up to the tooling start including:

Proof of concept prototype
Final electronics engineering
Industrial Design
Looks like, works like prototype
In-depth consumer testing
CAD for molds
As soon as we reach out goal, we will begin making molds. If our goal is reached quickly, there is a chance that our schedule may improve.
We would like to thank all our friends, family and cohorts for helping us get this far in our journey. Everyone listed below has gone out of his or her way to help us and we appreciate all of the feedback and support: Joe Snell, Shree Mahdavapeddi, Jeff Meyer, John Pollard, Stacey Donahue, Bill and Lyanne Monkman, Michelle Deal Hayden, Ron Means, Erik Paulsen, Ashley Bay, Annie Cheng, Miro and Michael Macho, Lily Lema-Hallauer, Lisa Taylor, Mark O’Shea, Erik Spring, Katie Gipson, Linda Rivera, Scott Whittlesey, Isaak Einterz, Blair Driscoll, Randi Lacksheide, Kristin Monkman, Heather Monkman, Lin Xu, Amy Harris, Jeff and Kelley Miller.

Video Credits:

Videographer: Michael Peterson, Peterson Pro Media

Music Credits:

Ready For Anything – Instrumental, by Landon Austin

Undeniably – Instrumental, by Bradford Nyght

While our team has extensive experience with the entire process of making hardware and developing apps for markets all over the world, unexpected issues may arise, which could cause delays. Our goal, throughout the project, will be to communicate any status changes, good or bad.

Producing hardware products is always challenging, but we are confident in our abilities to deliver the React Sidekick on time and with great quality. Our previous experience makes us prepared for the unforeseen challenges we may encounter during the production process. Our team members have worked in a wide variety of product categories and have been involved in all aspects of product development, starting with new product introduction all the way through delivery to the customer and everything in between for both hardware and software products. We have previously manufactured products with this same supplier and have worked with the factory we will be using for this project for over 10 years – we are extremely confident in their ability to help us be successful.

While we would like things to always move smoothly, it’s important to keep in mind there are always issues that can arise, such as having to run multiple iterations during the tooling process, or being out of key components that delay our schedule.

Despite all of this, our target delivery date is December, 2014 and we are committed to making and delivering a beautiful product on time and of the highest quality possible.

Our suppliers are ready to go and with your support we can make this dream come true.

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