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The Running Skirt, by Running Skirts


Below is a featured blog by my wife, Julie. She can’t say enough great things about this new Running Skirt made by a California company called Running Skirts. Running Skirts has been in existence for 6 years and have been featured in Runner’s World and are now being worn by runners all over the world.


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See what Julie has to say!

I was the one always wearing the regular boring running shorts. My girlfriends in my running group wear the cutest skirts with ruffles, designs, etc. I just can’t stand the biker short underneath most running skirts. Until….my husband came home from “The Running Event” in Austin, Tx last fall. He spread out all of his sample products out on our kitchen counter where my kids were anxiously awaiting to see what he brought. He held up the skirt and said, “look what I got for mommy!”. He said it was the last skirt at the expo and he fought off another lady for it!

Anyways.. I tried it and I love the “Running Skirt”. The Running Skirt is a combination of comfort and cuteness. The running skirt is different from other running skirts because it has the light “underwear briefs” underneath instead of the tight biker short with the rubber around the legs to keep it in place. I don’t like anything constricting when I run. I also don’t like how the biker short gets so hot with all that extra fabric on super hot summer days. It’s all the comfort of running in running shorts with the style of a skirt!

I once ran in another running skirt with the rubber around the leg to prevent riding up, and it chaffed my leg so bad I ended up with a burn on my thigh that took a week to heal:(

It’s long enough that the skirt won’t fly up either. I ran a marathon in Xenia, Oh this April, where we unfortunately experienced 20 mile an hour winds. Xenia is completely flat, and my friend also running the marathon with me asked me, “Oh, no, you wore a skirt. Aren’t you afraid it’ll fly up in all this wind??” I wasn’t sure how to answer that because I had never run a marathon in this skirt, especially with the high winds! I will say, my bib flapped around loudly, and my visor almost blew off a few times. However, the running skirt, stayed put. It didn’t fly up once!

So there you go. My fellow runner chicks compliment my “cute skirt”. This is definitely a staple item in a runner’s girls wardrobe.



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