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The Truth about Constant Exposure to EMF and its Effects on Your Health


Everyone has heard of electro-magnetic fields, as it is a natural occurrence all around us. Even our own bodies produce EMF in accordance with its natural functions. But nowadays, with the proliferation of electronic gadgets, appliances, and technology, we are more likely to absorb a greater amount of EMFs than is good for us. Are you wondering about the effects of EMF and how you can protect yourself? Here’s the truth about constant exposure to EMF and its effects on your health.

First of all, what is it?


EMFs, as mentioned, are energy areas produced by the Earth, by living beings, and by electronic gadgets and devices. According to the World Health Organisation, electric fields are produced by voltage differences, whilst magnetic fields are created by the flow of electric current. Additionally, the WHO explains that electro-magnetic fields can have an effect on us simply because as humans, we have our own bio-chemical and electric responses related to how our digestive system, nervous system, brain, and heart function, so too much exposure to electro-magnetic fields can have an adverse effect on our bodies.

Sources of EMFs

There are many sources of EMFs around us. In your own home, you can be constantly exposed to EMF through devices such as wireless phones, refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, light circuits, and even small electric devices such as electric toothbrushes and electric razors. One major EMF source which all households and businesses have nowadays is WiFi.


In your office, there are other sources of EMFs. These include computers and laptops, fluorescent lights, photocopiers and scanners, and other office equipment. If you are outside, you are not saved from exposure to EMF, either – outside, you encounter power lines, transformers, mobile phone towers, WiFi connections, and even radiation coming from your neighbours’ equipment.

Symptoms of constant exposure

If you are constantly exposed to EMF, you may feel a host of symptoms. These symptoms include excess fatigue and stress, along with difficulty sleeping. Another symptom of too much exposure is a kind of prickling feeling on the skin, as well as rashes and burning sensations. Some individuals also experience aches and pains in their muscles, and even digestive problems and discomfort in the nasal areas such as the nose, ear, and throat.

But there are other symptoms associated with EMF exposure which are not too easily seen – and this includes serious conditions such as infertility, depression, and cancer.

Protecting yourself

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself. Turn off your cell phone when it isn’t in use. Furthermore, use speaker phone mode or just send an SMS instead of calling. Turn off your home’s WiFi when it is not in use, especially at night, and keep your phone away from you whilst sleeping. You can take advantage of EMF protection products as well, such as jewellery and shields.

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