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They look nice, but……

My wife doesn’t typically listen to my “words of wisdom”, but when it came to what shoes she should be wearing and running in she took my advice.  Four years ago she ditched her orthotics and began running in minimalist shoes and eliminated her back and knee pain.  She carried these principles over to what she wears everyday and has never felt better.  The ironic thing about this was she was so against the rigid orthotics I had here wearing back when it was the standard of care to prescribe them for what we thought were pathologic flat feet.  Time and literature has since proven otherwise.  Orthotics and motion control shoes are becoming a thing of the past.  As with any change in medicine it will take about 10 years to see this become the standard of care.  Ok, let’s get back to my wife….

When I first found these shoes pictured below in our house, I immediately asked, “who’s are these?!!”.   I was told they were “cute” and “fashionable” .  Okay.  Well, today we saw the true effects of what they had on my wife after an 8 hour day at work.



She is used to wearing flat shoes, with little or really no heel at all.  In fact (we’re a bit behind on doing shoe reviews) she has several pairs of shoes called “Ja-vie” shoes which are flat and non supportive shoes which she typically teaches in.  Today when she came through the door her great toe joints (mild bunion deformities) were screaming and burning in pain, her hamstrings were tight, and her lower back was killing her.  Hmmmm… wonder what the culprit was!!!

Here we see the effects of these “clogs” on Elf Flirty Sparkly Pants after an 8 hour day of teaching. She collapsed.
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