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Training for a triathlon? Try building your stamina like a soccer pro

Training for a triathlon? Try building your stamina like a soccer pro

Football (or Soccer as Americans call it) is one of the most physically-demanding sports that requires elite level fitness. Soccer players need to move without breaks for as long as 45 minutes, so you can just imagine the endurance training they must undertake every day in order to be able to run efficiently, all while thinking about tactics and technique, during every match.

Soccer players are masters of changing gears. One moment they’re jogging and then they need to engage in explosive bursts. Their secret? The correct endurance training.

A good example of a modern day soccer player is Theo Walcott, who is an English player for Arsenal and is one of fastest athletes in the world who can run 35.7 km/h. According to a Betfair dossier page, Walcott became an asset to Arsenal at the tender age of 16. He shot to stardom not only because of his unbelievable pace but also because of his all round athleticism. Sheer talent in soccer is not enough anymore to succeed, players must have highly tuned muscular physique ideal for endurance. But what are the key elements of endurance training if you want to be as fit as a professional athlete?


You should aim doing at least 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day in order to keep your body fit. If you’re a complete beginner in doing this, you could split your routine in to two separate sessions. Incorporating cycling and circuit training to your routine is a great way to not only build your stamina but muscle strength as well.

Uphill Sprints

Running inclines, either on a treadmill or outdoors, is a great way to build muscles in your quads and calves. Doing this will also strengthen your Achilles tendons as well. Running uphill is the fastest way to build muscles in your legs compared to just jogging on the flat surfaces.


About 20% of a soccer match involves sprinting. Your chances of winning a triathlon will increase tremendously if you can sprint quickly during the latter parts of the race. It is recommended that you do at least 30 yards of sprinting with a break in between. Say you’re doing 10 sets of 30-yard sprints. Make sure that you get a 20-second break after the fifth set in order to build your recovery rate properly.

Before and after doing these exercises, make sure that you’ve stretched thoroughly first. Proper stretching keeps the muscles healthy and avoids pains and injuries.

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