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Ultrarunners Will Finish Chicago Marathon and Then Run to New York City !!!!

These two runners are going to run the Chicago Marathon, and then keep going!  They will run all the way to New York City over the next month and finish on Halloween.  After a day’s rest they’ll run the NYC marathon!  Amazing!!

To contact them, send a message to Alex’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/barefootalexrun?fref=photo).  I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything you can do, whether in the way of alerting the press or encouraging folks to run with them along the way.
Here’s a link to a page showing their planned start and stop points for each day of the run:
Chicago newspaper article:

Alex Ramsay and Patrick Sweeney will be running across Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey on their way to the NYC Marathon.

We want as many people as possible to be a part of this journey of peace.

Check out the dates below and maybe you can run with them!!
Champions Walk for Peace: USA Leg
Oct. 11 – Grant Park, IL to Beverly Shores, IN = 47 miles
Oct. 12 – Beverly Shores, IN to Osceola, IN = 94 miles
Oct. 13 – Osceola, IN to Wolflake, IN = 141 miles
Oct. 14 – Wolflake, IN to Monroeville, IN = 188 miles
Oct. 15 – Monroeville, IN to South Gilboa, OH = 235 miles
Oct. 16 – Gilboa, OH to Melmore, OH = 282 miles
Oct. 17. REST
Oct. 18 – Melmore, OH to Albion, OH = 329 miles
Oct. 19 – Albion, OH to North Canton, OH = 376 miles
Oct. 20 – North Canton, OH to East Palestine, OH = 423 miles
Oct. 21 – East Palenstine, OH to East Pittsburgh, PA = 470 miles
Oct. 22 – East Pittsburgh, PA to Laughlintown, PA = 517 miles
Oct. 23 – Laughlintown, PA to Everett, PA = 564 miles
Oct. 24 – REST
Oct. 25 – Everett, PA to Chambersburg, PA = 611 miles
Oct. 26 – Chambersburg, PA to Botts, PA = 658 miles
Oct. 27 – Botts, PA to Christiana, PA = 705 miles
Oct. 28 – Christiana, PA to North Philadelphia, PA = 752 miles
Oct. 29 – North Philadelphia, PA to North Brunswick, NJ = 799 miles
Oct. 30 – North Brunswick, NJ to Fort Wadsworth, NY = 846 miles
Oct. 31 – REST
Nov. 1 – New York City Marathon

Patrick Sweeney and Alex Ramsey are running to the Big Apple from Chicago.

Source: These Ultrarunners Will Finish Chicago Marathon, Then Run to New York City – Bronzeville – DNAinfo.com Chicago

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