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Video aided medical interpreting will assist medical personnel in upcoming Chicago Marathon.

Really fascinating. 

On October 11, an estimated 45,000 runners from every state and over 150 countries will participate in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. As many as 900 of these runners will fall ill, become injured or experience a life-threatening condition. (1) Many will have Limited English Proficiency (LEP), making it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with medical personnel.

At the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon:

Two runners required CPR: Both collapsed on the course. One received cardioversion (electrical shock to the heart) and the other was taken to the hospital, where he remained in critical condition that evening. (2)
Over 800 runners required medical care: Common injuries included muscle strains and knee injuries. Dehydration and illness are other typical marathon ailments. (2)

24 runners required hospitalization. (2)

 Stratus Video Interpreting, the fastest-growing VRI provider in the nation, is donating its advanced Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) solution to eliminate language barriers. Every runner who needs help will be able to communicate with medical personnel, no matter what language they speak.

By donating seven iPads and unlimited video medical interpreting minutes, Stratus is providing the Chicago Marathon’s medical team with medically trained and certified interpreters in up to 175 languages—available in real time, when help is needed most.
Stratus Video Interpreting provides on-demand interpreter services by using technology to connect clients with interpreters in over 175 spoken and signed languages in less than 30 seconds.

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